Book of Kindness

The Book of Kindness is a service that leverages the power of social networks to spread acts of kindness and unite people towards an altruistic movement. The culmination is a book that showcases the acts of kindness through photos shared by participants all over the world.

This project addresses the RSA brief on Innovation in Giving, which is to design a product, service or tool that will encourage or enable people to donate either their money or their time to good causes.

For our research, our team wanted to know how and why people do volunteering work. We interviewed current volunteers from different charity institutions. We also inquired about the process of volunteering and engaging in charity events. From this, we came about with the following models and key insights:

Book of Kindness: Research Models and Insights

The territories of People Involved and Event Management are too big, and the network of Organizers is complex and heavily emphasized. There is not enough focus on the core of volunteering -- connecting volunteers with those in need. This is the opportunity that we identified, which is what we addressed in our service, Book of Kindness.

Book of Kindness: The Concept

Our team created a persona and use case that help us develop and illustrate the concept. We then analyzed the customer touch points in our service, and designed the experience cycle of the customer. Finally, we also thought about the potential business model of the service.

Book of Kindness: Persona and Storyboard Book of Kindness: Touchpoint Analysis and Business Model