Home Patisserie

Home Patisserie is an iPad magazine about desserts, targeted to hobbyists and non-professionals.

For our final project in Interaction Design Fundamentals, we were tasked to create an iPad magazine focused on an assigned topic, which was desserts. The first part of the project had us work in teams to do a competitive analysis for the given topic. The second part consisted of working individually on our own iPad magazine design.


Competitive Analysis

We looked into magazines, both paper and digital, about desserts, food, and home.

Home Patisserie: Competitive Analysis


Based on the data and insights we gathered in the competitive analysis, we each developed personas which encapsulate the profile of our potential target users.

Home Patisserie: Personas


As I moved into the individual design phase, I created a moodboard to capture the overall look and feel of the magazine.

Home Patisserie: Moodboard

Design Language

To ensure a consistent and coherent design, I developed a design language which I would then follow as I designed each of the pages magazine.

Home Patisserie: Competitive Analysis

Preliminary Sketches

I first started sketching some potential layouts for the magazine. I got peer critique and instructor feedback on the sketches, which I used to iterate on my designs.

Home Patisserie: Competitive Analysis

Final Design

Home Patisserie: Page 1 Home Patisserie: Page 1 Home Patisserie: Page 1 Home Patisserie: Page 1 Home Patisserie: Page 1 Home Patisserie: Page 1