Tourhood is a service that connects tourists and tour guides. It allows anyone to be a tour guide, and makes it easy for them to post their tours and tourists to book them. It also offers a reputation system for the tour guides to help tourists make informed decisions.

This project addresses the RSA brief on Collaborative Consumption, which is to design a product or service that gets better or more useful the more people use it so that sharing becomes more attractive and viable.

Our team's first step was to educate ourselves and do research on the concept of collaborative consumption. We read several papers and articles about the said concept, and complemented them with video lectures from designers and entrepreneurs with experience in the field.

We created a territory map that shows the different areas in collaborative consumption, and we decided to focus on designing a service that fosters a collaborative lifestyle. Specifically, we found that tourism still has a lot of potential to be explored.

Tourhood: Territory Map

We then focused our research on the tourism industry. We observed tours in the island of Madeira, and interviewed some tourists and tour guides. We also did a competitive analysis on selected tourism businesses. Based on all of these, we found opportunity areas where we can play in: tour guides are limited to accredited professionals; tour itineraries usually include only popular tourist attractions, nothing "out of the box"; tour itineraries, especially those organized by tour companies and agencies, are usually strict in terms of schedule; tourists and tour guides have a limited relationship; there is no concrete system for tourists to rate and review tour guides, and vice versa.

Tourhood: Value Flow Model and Competitive Analysis

We fleshed out the service by creating personas and identifying possible scenarios. We then created the service blueprint, thinking about the customer touch points of the service. Finally, we also thought about the potential business model that the service can adopt.

Tourhood: Persona Tourhood: Service Blueprint Tourhood: Other Service Design Models