WeWalk is an app that allows users to meet new people and form groups to do Levada walks, a famous outdoor activity in the island of Madeira.

The island of Madeira, Portugal is famous for its beautiful levadas. For this project we were challenged to create an app that improves the experience of people doing Levada walks or hikes.

My team decided to design an app that connects people who are interested in going for a levada. It allows users to learn about the different levada, join a group to walk or hike with, chat with each other and basically just give them an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the outdoors.


Persona and Storyboard

We first developed a persona based on the profiles of tourists in Madeira. We then picked a specific scenario to focus our design on.

WeWalk: Persona WeWalk: Storyboard


WeWalk: Wireframes


WeWalk: Mockups WeWalk: Mockups