Workout Manager

Workout Manager is an app that allows users to log and keep track of their workouts. It makes it easy for them to look back on their previous workout routines so that they can repeat them in future sessions.

In our Graduate Protoyping course, we were each tasked to create an interactive prototype of an app that can help us navigate a chosen everyday task. I always had a hard time keeping track of my workouts, so I chose to explore and create a prototype of an app that can log and manage workouts.


Task Analysis

Before ideating on possible concepts and designs, I first thought about the specific task that I wanted to address: how do I choose the workout routine that I will do for the day? I created a decision tree to help me analyze the flow of the task.

Workout Manager: Task Analysis

Lo-fi Wireframes

After analyzing the task and the information at hand, I started ideating on possible solutions or concepts for the design. I made low fidelity wireframes to show my ideas, printed them on paper, and tested them through one-on-one sessions with my fellow students in class.

Workout Manager: Wireframes Workout Manager: Wireframes


Based on the feedback I got from the testing, I iterated on my designs and created a working prototype. The project ends at this stage, but I was stil able to test this prototype with some more users which gave me more insights on how I could iterate on the designs for the future.

Check out the prototype here.

Workout Manager: Wireframes